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On the use of RIPN's Whois Service

1. The limitations on the use of the Data

1.1. The Whois Service is granted by RIPN for information purposes, and may be used only to obtain the information regarding domain names and contact persons.

1.2. By applying to RIPN's Whois Service User shall agree that:

  • will use the Data obtained only for lawful purposes
  • under no circumstances will use the Data to support the transmission by e-mail, facsimile or telephone of any unsolicited information
  • will not enable high volume queries exceeding established limits.

1.3. It is forbidden:

  • to make any changes in the Data obtained from Whois Service in a case of its further distribution for information purposes
  • to enable further distribution of the Data obtained for commercial purposes.

2. Technical restrictions on Use of RIPN's Whois Service

2.1. Queries to the Whois database are limited to 30 from any given IP-address in a minute.

  • If more than the allotted queries come in from a specific IP-address within a minute the system rejects queries from that IP-address and the following message may appear:

    % You have exceeded allowed connection rate.
    % Please try to connect later.
    % See
    % for details.

  • If repeatedly within 15 minutes User enables the query rate to exceed established limit the grant of access to RIPN's Whois Service to such User will be severed and the following message will appear after every ensuing query:

    % You are not allowed to connect.
    % See
    % for details.

    A reestablishment access to RIPN's Whois Service for restricted IP-address will be done automatic in at least one hour.

    A reestablishment access to RIPN's Whois Service by hand not realized.

    RIPN reserves the right not to reestablish an access to RIPN's Whois Service to User in a case of recurrent failure to comply with technical restrictions.

2.2. In case of need to exceed the rate limit in sending queries to RIPN Whois Service User can communicate with official registrars for .RU and .SU domains.

2.3. RIPN reserves the right to modify conditions and limitations mentioned above at any time without prior or subsequent notification of any kind.

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