1. Send a letter on the organization's letterhead to terminate the agreement ___/ROS-IP of __.__.____ and transfer the addresses _____________ and AS_________ to a new legal entity. The letter should be written on the organization's letterhead and addressed to K.N. Izotov, Director of RIPN ANCO. Original letter should be sent to: 117105, Moscow, Varshavskoye Highway, 17, Bldg 1, RIPN ANCO. Please send a scan of the letter to

2. The new legal entity will need to conclude a contract with RIPN ANCO. The text of the contract is annexed to the letter.

3. Agreement to transfer __________ and AS__________ (, signed by both Parties.

4. Registration documents of both companies (scans of the certificate of state registration of the company in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities).

5. Contact details of representatives of the sending and receiving side: name, phone number, email.

6. Register the contact details of the new company in the RIPE database. Objects need to be registered:
● person
● organisation
● mntner

To register a "person" object, please give the following information (in Latin letters):
● Name Surname
● Company Name
● Address
● Phone number
● email

If it is assumed that the administrative and technical contacts are different persons, please give information on both persons. Under the terms of the RIPE base, the details of the resource manager are mandatory.

Enter your company name in English to register an "organization" object .

To register a " mntner" object, please create one:
● Register at "RIPE NCC Access Account" and send me the email you used to register. This action is necessary for you to gain access to the maintainer.

The transfer is initiated by the transmitting party and its LIR sponsor.


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