Glossary of terms

Administration is the exercise by the administrator (registrant) of the rights and duties set out in this Regulation.

Accreditation is a confirmation by the Registrar of a legal entity's compliance with the accreditation criteria, namely, the requirements for the accredited organization (registrator) which is the official confirmation of the competence of a legal entity to provide services related to registration of second-level domain names in the .SU TLD operated (administered) by the Registrar.

Registration cancellation - deletion of domain name information from the .SU TLD Database Registry.

.SU TLD database is an objective form of presenting and organizing aggregate data about all registered second-level domain names, their administrators (registrants), registrators, and other necessary data, systematized so that these data can be retrieved and processed by a computer.

TLD is a top-level domain.

.SU TLD is a top-level domain with the unique designation "su".

Domain is an area (branch) of a hierarchical domain name space denoted by a unique domain name and maintained by a set of DNS servers.

Domain delegation is the placement and storage of domain name information and associated DNS servers on the DNS servers of the top-level domain, which is a prerequisite for the functioning of domain addressing on the Internet.

Domain name is a second-level domain name, consisting of a name (or domain name) and top-level domain characters".SU" (for example: the second-level domain name "" is "example"), intended for network addressing, which uses the Domain Name System (DNS).

Pre-renewal period is a period of time after the expiry of the domain name registration period, during which the previous administrator (registrant) retains the right to renew the domain name registration.

Maintenance of domain name information is actions by the Registrator to enter, change and delete information in the Registry of the .SU TLD database relating to the domain name and its administrator (registrant).

User is a person who orders or uses services related to the registration of domain names.

Regulations are the terms and conditions for the registration and use of domain names in the .SU domain.

Appendices to the Regulations, Annexes shall refer to any current documents (including: rules, regulations, policies, instructions, standards, specifications, procedures and/or practices, etc.) adopted/approved by the Registrar in relation to .SU domain and having the status of an appendix, supplement, explanation and/or amendment to these Regulations. Such Annexes shall form an integral part of these Regulations.

Registry Policies (Registry Regulatory Documents) are official documents of the Registrar regulating activities related to domain name registration in .SU TLD and/or containing binding rules and principles for domain name registration, establishing basic rights and obligations of domain name administrators (registrants) and registrars, etc., which include the Regulations, Annexes and supplements thereto, provisions and/or Agreements (Contracts) on registrator accreditation, etc.Translated with DeepL

Domain name representation (representation) is a domain name containing letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers and hyphens. Representation is the result of domain name conversion according to the PUNYCODE algorithm (given in RFC-3490, 3491, 3492 technical standards).

Renewal of domain name registration is an entry in the .SU TLD database Registry about the renewal of the domain name registration period.

Registry is a specialized hardware and software complex of the Technical Center, which structures and organizes information in the .SU TLD database about all registered second-level domain names, their administrators (registrants), registrators, and other necessary data.

Registrar (Administrator, ccTLD Manager) of the .SU TLD - RIPN ANCO (official website - Person recognised by ICANN as an authorised person to manage, maintain and support the .SU TLD. The TLD.SU Registrar supervises the domain space of the .SU top-level domain and maintains the domain name system, generates (organizes the generation) of the .SU TLD database, and serves as the trustee of the .SU TLD for the global Internet community. The Registrar manages the .SU TLD, establishes the regulations and procedures for domain registration and the principles for the second-level domain name database in the .SU TLD.

Registrator is a person accredited by the Registrar on the basis of relevant agreements (contracts) to provide services of registering new domain names in .SU domain and to extend registration of existing domain names, as well as perform operations with domain names and other actions related to the maintenance of domain names in .SU domain and their administrators (registrants). A list of Registrators is available on the official website of the Registrar.

Donor Registrator is a registrator that transfers support of the domain name information to the Registrator Recipient.

Recipient Registrator is a registrator that accepts support for a domain name from a Donor Registrator.

Registration of a domain name is the entry of information about the domain name, its administrator and other information specified by the Regulations in the Registry of the .SU TLD database.

Stop list is a list of characters whose registration as domain names is not available.

Technical Centre is a legal entity authorised by the Registrar to provide access services to the .SU TLD Database Registry for the purposes of entering information about .SU TLD second-level domains into the .SU TLD database.


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